2018 - Gibraltar

Conference Presentations

Wednesday 6th June 2018

Mr. Nick Cowan – Evolution Of Token Sales
Mr. Russell Perry – Business KYC and the Cryptoeconomy
Mr. Stephen Reyes – Cryptocurrency – The challenge for accountants & auditors
Ms. Stacey-Jo Smith, Ms. Monica Grahn & Mr. Rolf Koenig – The International Business Registers Report
Ms. Maija Laurila – The European Commission’s Proposal on Digital tools and processes in Company Law
Ms. Mojca Kunšek – Register‘s data as a tool of Government Policies
Ms. Nienke Palstra – The Companies We Keep – Public beneficial ownership registers as a tool for anti-corruption
Ms. Siân Jones – Recent developments in the area of Fintech & DLT Gibraltar’s future in DLT/blockchain
Mr. Jonathan Garcia – European Commerce Registers’ Forum Conference 2018: recent developments in the area of Fintech and DLT
Mr. Joost Fleuren – ECRF conference 2018 – Identity management with for blockchain for with business registers
Mr. Michał Piechocki – European Financial Transparency Gateway ECRF 2018 | Gibraltar
Mr. Jonas Udris – VIRTUAL LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY – The Legal Entity Becomes Virtual. Again


Thursday 7th June 2018

Ms. Simona Boscolo Bragadin – EBOCS – ECRF Conference 2018
Ms. Ann Lewis – transformation
Mr. Ricco Dun – LEI update
Mr. Henrik Räihä – Our LEI journey
Mr. Zvonko Obradovic – Regional Registry Portal – Data Services for cross border cooperation for ME markets
Mr. Rolf Koenig & Mr. Keno Kuhlmann – The Future Of The German Business Register
Mr. Steve Roylance – ECRF 2018 – Identity Assurance
Ms. Berit Loog – Tallinn 2019 – 22nd ECRF Conference
Ms. Carla Bonaventure – Update from IACA
Ms. Marija Boshkovska Jankovski – CENTRAL REGISTER OF THE REPUBLIC OF MACEDONIA – Ongoing projects and activities