Frequently Asked Questions

Is the EBRA a register?

No, EBRA is an Association of business registries from across Europe. Our Members are registry professionals who come together to share knowledge and best practice. 

Can I register a company or business with EBRA?

No, you can not register with EBRA. If you want to register your business or company, you might want to see our Worldwide registers page, which lists many of the registers across the world.  

How is EBRA administered?

EBRA is administered by a board of Directors who are also representatives of members of the Association. 

You can see our current Board of Directors here.

I've been contacted by the EU Business Register, are they connected to EBRA?

No, EBRA is not associated with the EU Business Register in any way. We have a news item about the EU Business Register that you might find useful. 

How many Members does EBRA have?

EBRA currently has 42 Members from EU and non-EU countries including two new Members that were accepted in November 2022 (Bulgaria and Iceland). You can read more about our Members on our Members page.

How does a business registry become an EBRA member?

Thanks for your interest, we are always happy to welcome new Members. For more information about joining, please contact the EBRA Secretary using the contact form on our Contact page and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. 

I'm an EBRA Member, how do I access Basecamp?

Basecamp is an online tool for EBRA Members to share documents, raise questions and start informal discussions. You can access Basecamp by clicking on this link: Enter BASECAMP.

If you are not set up on Basecamp yet, you can contact the EBRA Secretary or Communications Manager by using the contact form on our Contact page.