2022 - Madrid

On 14 – 16 June 2022, the General Assembly and conference was hosted in Madrid by Registradores de España

The Conference focused on the role that business registries can play in building a strong and innovative future to face shared global challenges.  

Thank you to all who attended this memorable event! You can view the presentations and photos below.

MADRID 2022 - Presentations and Photos

Wednesday 15 June 2022

​​Venue: BBVA Building, Castellana 81 – Madrid


Mr Antti Riivari, EBRA President 

Ms. Maria Emilia Adán, President of the Public Corporation of Land, Business and Movable Good Registries of Spain.

Panel 1 - Crime Prevention - Money Laundering and Financing Terrorism

Moderator: Mr Julian Lamb, EBRA Board

Mr. Pedro Manuel Comín Rodriguez, Director of SEPLAC (Spanish Executive Service of the Commission for the Prevention of Money Laundering and Monetary Offences)

Ms. Lourdes Jimenez Ramos Advisory Member of Inspection and Control of Capital Movement. Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation of Spain.

Mr. José Miguel Tabares, Director of CRAB (Spanish Registral anti money laundering Centre)

Ms. Mojca Kunšek and Ms. Maja Grčar, AJPES

Coffee Break

Panel 2 - The Digitization of Company Law and its Impact on Business Registries

Moderator: Ms Ana del Valle, EBRA Board

Ms. Maija Laurila, Head of Unit for Company Law in the European Commission

Mr. Oscar Palomo Díaz, Head of Interoperability Products Centre at Ministerio de Justicia

Mr. Niccolò Stamboglis, Data Scientist at Infocamere

Mr. Iñigo Pastor, Partner Lawyer specialised in commercial law of the law firm mazars

Mr. Adrián Vazquez – Video on Digitalization and Free circulation of judicial resolutions in the European Union

Panel 3 - The Interconnection of Business Registries in Europe and Registry Publicity

Moderator: Mr Marco Vianello, EBRA Board 

Ms. Luisa Clode, ELRA President. The interconnection of the Land Registers of the EU

Mr. Dejan Damjanovic Managing Director at REAKTIV

Ms. Maija Laurila, Head of Unit for Company Law in the European Commission

Mr. Krzysztof Jesse, Bundesanzeiger

A focus on: The International BRs Survey and Report

Panel 4 - The Ukraine Conflict and the Commercial Registries in Europe

Moderator: Mr Antti Riivari, President of EBRA

Ms. Alina Nedea, DG FISMA European Commission

Mr. Michele Riccardi, Deputy Director of Transcrime

Mr. Francisco Javier Chocarro, Spanish Registrar

A focus on: The Business Registers Worldwide

Closing and EBRA Conference 2023

Mr. Antti Riivari, President of EBRA

Ms Ana del Valle, EBRA Board

Dinner at Museo del Traje