The Digital International Registers Survey - Surveys and Reports

The International Registers Survey Report is a collaboration between the European Business Register Association (EBRA) and Corporate Registers Forum (CRF, International Association of Commercial Administrators (IACA) and the Association of Registers of Latin America and the Caribbean (ASORLAC)

Traditionally the survey was been produced in paper format, however in 2021, the International Registers Report went digital which has created a new type of reporting. 

All the data from the surveys can be analysed in the interactive dashboards on our Survey website



June 2023: Fees

The survey opened on 26 June and closes on 27 October. 

This survey looked at the fees charged by registries around the world, and how registries are funded.

We have sent an email to members of ASORLAC, CRF, EBRA and IACA with the link to complete the survey. If you’re a registry and would like to complete the survey, please contact Chiara on

Click here to view the questions in a PDF. Please note, you must submit your answers digitally.


January 2023: Business Dynamics

The Digital International Business Registers Survey 2023 is now closed. 

Our first survey of the year looked at Business Dynamics, which includes questions on entity registration, entity incorporation and entity termination. 

Click here to view all the questions in a .pdf

The Working Group have produced two documents of Key Discoveries, one is based on a recurrent sample of respondents since 2018, and the second is based on all respondents. 

September 2022: Use of e-Services

The Working Group are currently working on the analysis of the results. Many thanks to everyone who took part in the survey. 

You can view the questions in .pdf

You can read the Key Discoveries from the E-Services survey or click on the link below to download:

October 2021: Business Dynamics and Legal Settings

The October 2021 survey was the first digital survey undertaken. It looked at Business Dynamics and Legal Settings and had 85 respondents from across the world.

Participants completed the survey questions online. You can view the questions in PDF format.