Sister organisations

We work closely with CRF, IACA and ASORLAC to share knowledge & deliver projects across the world

Corporate Registers Forum

The aim of the Corporate Registers Forum (CRF) is to provide delegates with the opportunity to review the latest developments in corporate business registers internationally and exchange experiences and information on the present and future operation of corporate business registration systems.


International Association of Corporate Administrators

The International Association of Commercial Administrators (IACA) is a professional association for government administrators of business organization and secured transaction record systems at the state, provincial, territorial, and national level in any jurisdiction which has or anticipates development of such systems.


The Association of Latin American and the Caribbean Registrars

The Association of Latin American and the Caribbean Registrars (ASORLAC) is a non-profit organisation that supports regional integration and strengthens the competitiveness of the business sector in Latin American and the Caribbean countries, promoting best practices in the public registry administration.