2017 – Lithuania

20th Annual ECRF Conference – Vilnius, Lithuania 14-16 June 2017


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Thursday, 15th June

Session 1: From Policies to Practice

Mr Andrea Servida – The eGOV Actions Plan 2016-2020

Ms Maija Laurila – BRIS and beyond

Mr Gintautas Bartkus – Digitalization of Company Law

Mr Vito Giannella – TOOP – The Once Only Principle Project

Mr Kevin Kerrigan – EBOCS Project

Session 2: Beneficial Ownership

Session 3: The Global View

Friday, 16th June

Session 4: European Digital Agenda – Building the IT Administration

Session 5: Data Issues Affecting Registers

Session 6: Data Issues Affecting Registers

Ms Zahrah Abd Wahab Fenner – Updates on Corporate Registers Forum (CRF)

Mr Bruno de Greysier – The ECRF Conference 2018 Gibraltar