The 2023 Digital International Business Registers Survey is now open! 

We’re happy to announce that the 2023 Digital International Business Registers Survey is now open!  

The International Business Registers Survey and Report is a collaboration between EBRA, IACA (the International Association of Commercial Administrators), ASORLAC (Association of Registers of Latin America and the Caribbean), CRF (Corporate Registers Forum).

There are two short surveys each year, which are open to all business registers around the world. The previous survey (2022) collected data from over 90 jurisdictions from 6 continents.

Our first 2023 survey looks at Business Dynamics and includes questions on entity registration, entity incorporation and entity termination. 

The survey also includes some open-ended questions to help the Working Group develop future surveys around topics of interest to the business registries. 

You can view a PDF of the questions on our website. Note: the survey can only be completed online. 

We have produced a guide to help participants complete the survey, which includes information on how to save your progress. The survey guide is available on our website in English and Spanish, French will be ready soon.

The data from the survey will be collected, analysed and presented in on online report. We’re grateful to all our respondents for their participation.

**The survey will close on Friday 3 March 2023

For more information, please contact Helen on

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