Building closer ties: Trilateral meeting with CRF, EBRA and IACA

Last week, Marco Vianello attended a trilateral meeting with CRF president, Louise Smyth, and IACA president, Alexis Lupo.

The meeting brought together three of the Business Registry sister organisations ahead of the Corporate Registers Forum conference, which was held later in the same week. The meeting was hosted by the Malta Business Registry in their offices near Valletta.

Marco, Louise and Alexis were accompanied by their Association Secretaries – Martin Fidler Jones from CRF and Chiara Gaffuri from EBRA – and IACA member Marissa Soto-Ortiz for IACA, which allowed for an insightful and free-flowing conversation.

The main topic of discussion was the International Business Registry Survey and how the Associations can work together to ensure its continued success. During the meeting, the group discussed the 2023 surveys on Business Dynamics and Fees (open until 27 October) and presented ideas for closer collaboration in the coming year. 

The business registry community is becoming increasingly connected on a global scale and it’s important that we continue to work together to learn from each other; the joint survey is an example of how we can achieve this. The project aims at building bridges and growing strong roots, so that we can face uncertainties together and create resilient communities.

During the meeting, the sister associations agreed that the collaborative project is, and will be, key to identifying best practices, challenges, and common topics in the business registry community.

We extend our congratulations to Louise Smyth on her recent re-election as CRF President and look forward to working with both Louise and Alexis in the future.



The International Business Registry Survey is a collaborative project that has been running for over 20 years.

It collects annual data direct from the registers on areas such as company incorporation, termination and total number of registered entities.

Since 2021, it has run a second digital survey which focuses on a topic that is relevant to the registers, such as e-services and a comparison of fee structures.

It is the only global survey of its kind and has become a source of rich information for comparison between business registers, as well as informing policy papers and new initiatives.

The International Business Register Report (2022) found that new incorporations have been rising regardless of development status (2)