Warning about the EU Business Register

The European Business Registry Association (EBRA) was established in April 2019 through the coalition of the European Business Register and the European Commerce Registers’ Forum.

EBRA is an association of Business Registry professionals that provides insight to Business Registry policy, operations and technology initiatives. As a gateway to both member states and third countries, EBRA has a unique and compelling value to offer at a European level.

“The vision of EBRA is to establish an international community of collaborative business registries.”

EBRA delivers five key services to provide value for the membership.

The new association supports the business registries to deliver best-in-class services through:

EBRA identifies and coordinates working groups and research projects to analyse emerging policy and common registry challenges. Our EBRA Activities section provides more information about our current focus.


The EBR platform

The EBRA continues to operate the European Business Register Network (EBR).

The network provides online access to Business Registry information from 22 European countries. The EBR provides easy access to European company information direct from the source of each member’s official register.

Contact an EBR Information Distributor to start using EBR today!


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