Launch of the Fees survey results

On 21 February, EBRA, CRF and IACA launched three global webinars across three timezones to present the results from the Fees survey. The webinars reached over 120 participants.

We had a brilliant response to the webinars which showcased:

There was great engagement during the webinars including suggestions about how to improve the surveys and results.

The aim of the webinars was to bring the business register survey data to life and show the great potential it has to inform people’s own work – whether they work for a business registry or in the wider registry domain.

Go to 🔗 to see the results from all the surveys and read about the upcoming survey. You can use the Contact form to get in touch with the team at any time to provide feedback on the survey or ideas for future survey topics.

Coming up
We’re launching the next survey very soon!

A survey looking at Penalties will be launched in the next few days, please check your emails and take part! The survey is only as good as the data we receive so we encourage as many registries as possible to take part. This survey will NOT be extended as we have in the past, so please complete it within the deadline.

🖥 Webinar Presenters:
Martin Fidler Jones
Angela Doneva
Christoph Labenski
Helen Fletcher
Stephen Brandon
Ljubinka Slaveska
Marissa N. Soto-Ortiz

🔶 The International Business Registry Survey is a collaborative project with Corporate Registers ForumInternational Association of Commercial Administrators and ASORLAC that has been running for over 20 years. It is now run as a digital survey:

🔶 The survey collects data directly from the registers on areas such as company incorporation, termination, total number of registered entities and on topics of interest.

🔶 It is the only global survey of its kind and has become a source of rich information for comparison between business registers, as well as informing policy papers and new initiatives.