Need to find information on a German company?

You’ll find it through EBR. All EBR information distributors provide direct online access to German company information.

Who is distributing EBR information in Germany?

The EBR service distributor based in Germany is Bundesanzeiger Verlag GmbH.

To access the full list of EBR distributors please visit the Information Distributors page.

The National Registry

Bundesanzeiger Verlag GmbH is the EBR Network member for Germany.

Bundesanzeiger Verlag operates the „Unternehmensregister“, the German company register, and the „Transparenzregister“, the register of beneficial ownership, as well as the Federal Gazette of Germany (Bundesanzeiger).

The „Unternehmensregister“ acts as a central platform for making company data accessible. Information on companies that must be made public is collected centrally and made available electronically to interested parties.

The Unternehmensregister gives access to, among other things, accounting documents and company reports, register entries and filed documents from the Commercial Register, the Cooperative Register and the Partners´ Register.