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Need to find information on an Estonian company?

You’ll find it through EBR. All EBR information distributors provide direct online access to Estonian company information.

Who is distributing EBR information in Estonia?

The EBR service distributor based in Estonia is Centre of Registers and Information Systems.

To access the full list of EBR distributors please visit the Information Distributors page.

The National Registry

Centre of Registers and Information Systems (RIK) is the EBR member for Estonia.

The registration department of the county court (the registrar) maintains the commercial register of the enterprises of sole proprietors and companies. RIK keeps, develops and administrates the e-Business Register.

There are about 324,000 companies entered on the Estonian register of which 229,000 are live companies. These include Private Limited Companies, Public Limited Companies, Sole Traders, Associations and Political Parties, General Partnerships, Limited Partnerships, European Company, European Economic Interest Group.