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EBRA is an association of Business Registry experts that collaborate to improve the operation and management of business registers in Europe. It has 42 members from across Europe (EU and non-EU countries) who participate in EBRA’s annual conference and its two expert working groups that focus on Beneficial Ownership and current Company Law initiatives that affect the business registers. 

EBRA aims to establish an international community of collaborative business registries. 

“EBRA brings it’s members together to share business register insight and experience at a European level”

The International Business Registry Survey

EBRA works in collaboration with ASORLAC, CRF and IACA to deliver the International Business Registry Survey. 

View the data from the survey in our interactive dashboards which can be filtered by business registry, region, year, entity type and more. 

EBRA delivers key services to provide value to our members

The Association supports the business registries to deliver best-in-class services through:




Peer Discussion




Sharing Activities

EBRA identifies and coordinates working groups and research projects to analyse emerging policy and common registry challenges. 

Click on EBRA Activities to read more information about our current and past activities.

The EBR Platform

The EBRA operates the European Business Register Network (EBR).

The network provides online access to Business Registry information from 22 European countries. The EBR provides easy access to European company information direct from the source of each member’s official register.

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